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Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad App


MOONSTARTER Mission is to be the single-stop multi-chain launchpad for selected projects without distinction of the blockchain used. While the current project landscape is scattered and dependent on the blockchain used, MOONSTARTER will offer the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains.

In an ideal world, blockchain should be trustful, but MOONSTARTER will have a due diligence process on every selected project as it is not always the case. It will communicate with transparency to the potential participants. Participants will need to stake a pre-defined amount of MOONSTARTER tokens (MNST) to access the IDOs held on the App.

MOONSTARTER will not limit itself to a launchpad and, to a second extent, will develop an ecosystem offering support options to projects such as incubation, or Marketing.

This paper will go through the different features that MOONSTARTER will propose and its functionality.

Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad

MOONSTARTER will select projects based on different criteria but will not limit to the blockchain used by the project for the developments. While multiple launchpads are single-blockchain based, MOONSTARTER will allow participants staking MNST tokens to participate in projects, whatever the blockchain is.

What do we mean by multi-chain?

MOONSTARTER will offer MNST token stakers and holders to participate in projects developed on different blockchains based on tiers requirements (See "Our Solar Tier System" section). MOONSTARTER platform will allow the user to participate in a project without needing to hold any other token than the MNST token on BSC. Depending on the tier, the user will either have to follow a specific process to register for a lottery or have a guaranteed allocation.

The initial blockchains supported will Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain. However, the second release will allow supporting POLYGON, AVANLANCHE, FANTOM, CARDANO, SOLANA, and POLKADOT through the MOONBEAM parachain. Moonbeam shows excellent potential with Pre-Built Integrations allowing Ethereum developers to "migrate" towards Polkadot with a limited effort. Moreover, Moonbeam allows the use of the Ethereum ecosystem applications such as Metamask. Moonbeam will play a key role within MOONSTARTER vision as the interoperability options offered are numerous.

The final planned release will include COSMOS & TRON and other selected chains but will also depend on the development of the ecosystems at the moment.


MOONSTARTER has selected Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to launch its token since Binance Smart Chain has demonstrated that it is arguably one of the most efficient blockchains for decentralized finance, from a performance and fees point of view.

In a nutshell, the selection has been made on 3 points:

  • Transaction prices

  • Transaction speed

  • Interoperability

Token Utility

Holding MNST tokens will have the following utilities:

  • Access to the IDOs proposed on the platform – Whatever the blockchain is, depending on our solar tier system.

  • From a governance perspective, users will potentially in the future, actively participate in the team's decisions, such as staking periods or blockchain to support, for example.

Our Lunar Tier System

MOONSTARTER has designed 4 tiers based on the Jupiter Lunar system theme. Depending on the project developments and feedbacks, tiers might be reviewed. To access to the IDOs, the paths are possible but not cumulative.

The 4 tiers

The different tiers vary in terms of requirements in terms of number of MNST tokens to stake and the staking duration required. Tiers have different IDO allocations as explained in the next section. Additionally to these tiers, a competition path can also allow to participate to the IDOs.

The Galaxy Path

OCallisto, Elara, Himalia & Kalyke will still require staking of respectively 10 000, 50 000, 150 000 & 250 000 MNST and will give you guaranteed allocation.

The system is based on “Jupiter Rocket tickets” representing your guaranteed allocation and will be implemented as follow:

  • Callisto: One (1) Jupiter Rocket Ticket is allocated from 10 000 MNST staked. Meaning that, stakers could get 1 to 4.9999 Tickets.

  • Elara: Six (6) Jupiter Rocket Tickets are allocated from 50 000 MNST staked. Meaning that, stakers could get 6 to 15.9999 Tickets.

  • Himalia: Twenty (20) Jupiter Rocket Tickets are allocated from 150 000 MNST staked. Meaning that, stakers could get 20 to 29.9999 Tickets.

  • Kalyke: Thirty-seven (37) Jupiter Rocket Ticket are allocated from 250 000 MNST staked. Meaning that, stakers would get a minimum of 37 tickets and 1 additional ticket per additional 10 000 MNST staked.

Regarding the minimum duration, it will be required to stake a minimum of 3 days until 24 hours before the IDO.

The Competition Path

The new path to get a spot for the IDO will require the following:

  • Hold 1000 MNST a minimum of 3 days until 24 hours before the IDO. MoonStarter will proceed on a random snapshot on the period of “3 days before IDO — 24 hours before IDO to validate the holdings.

  • Complete Gleam Competition tasks.

Once all the tasks are completed and if the holding requirement is respected, the top 50 will secure a guaranteed allocation while other 50 individuals will be qualified to take part of a lottery. Top 50 & lottery winners will be allocated 0.5 Jupiter Rocket Tickets.

Attention: This is not cumulative with the Galaxy path.

Example with Project ALPHA using MoonStarter App for 100 000$

  • 100 Gleam lottery winners

  • 100 Callisto Stakers — 10 000 MNST Staked per individual

  • 50 Elara Stakers — 50 000 MNST Staked per individual

  • 25 Himalia Stakers — 150 000 MNST Staked per individual

  • 10 Kalyke Stakers — 250 000 MNST Staked per individual

Total Jupiter Rocket Tickets = 100*0.5+ 100*1+50*6+ 25*20+10*37= 1320 Tickets.

Jupiter Rocket Ticket would correspond here to 100 000/1320= 75,7575758 $

In this case, a Callisto staker with 10 000 MNST staked would obtain an allocation corresponding to 75,7575758 $ while a Kalyke staker with 250000 MNST staked would obtain an allocation corresponding to 2803,030303 $.

Important: In case of KYC is required by the project using MoonStarter App, this will need to be approved at latest 24 hours before the IDO.

Assumption taken for the example: All have the same amount staked – No weight taken into consideration.

Cosmos Stakers

Who are the Cosmos Stakers?

Cosmos Stakers are individuals who are staking at least for 30 days at 24 hours prior to the IDO is taking place.

Advantages of the Cosmos Stakers

Cosmos Stakers will have the following advantages:

  • Their allocation will be increased by 20% For example, a Cosmos Stakers with 10 Jupiter Tickets, will be granted with 2 additional tickets (20%).

  • Exclusive IDOs — Private Sales. Cosmos Stakers will be granted access to IDOs with very limited allocations and private sales which will be held on MoonStarter App.

The User Experience

In the MOONSTARTER case, the user can be divided into two main roles, the company launching a project and the participant. This section will go into the different features that will be offered to both parties by MOONSTARTER.

Apply for an IDO on the launchpad

MOONSTARTER will make IDOs easier for any project needing to raise funds. Projects will also expand their exposure to potential participants and will be able to benefit from our expertise within the crypto environment.

Any party can apply to launch its project on the launchpad. Numerous information will be required from the project, mainly:

  • Identification information

  • If applicable, the company's information

  • Description & documentation of the project

  • $ Amount raised

  • $ Amount to raise

  • Liquidity provided

  • Liquidity lock period

  • Audit

The project can also ask for support from MOONSTARTER Team and partners on the IDO and further project developments. The project will be able to go for a base service offering from MOONSTARTER or opt-in for other services such as operational or Marketing crypto consultancy.

Based on the criteria mentioned above and internal processes and acceptance process will be conducted.

What's in it for the participants ?

Based on the data mentioned above provided by the project, MOONSTARTER will provide a summary of the information received once checked. It will allow the participants to have a summarized view of the project information and other data such as company registration if any of the project's private sales. As the last one is discretionary, a permanent mention will explain the verifications conducted transparently. The process will include non-negotiable criteria to be respected by the project.

Depending on the tiers he will be part of, the participant will have the possibility to participate in projects from different blockchains, always following the same process. Instead of jumping from a platform to another depending on the blockchain, the project is built on, MOONSTARTER will be the single-stop for the main blockchains used within the crypto landscape.

Step-by-Step participation process

The process might slightly differ depending on the project.

Step 0: participants can follow our media (Twitter, Telegram, or Medium) channels to get the latest info on the project that will be launched.

Step 1A: Register For the lottery (Competition Path)

Step 1B: Secure your allocation (Galaxy Path)

Step 2: On a specific date & hour, the whitelisted users will be able to participate in the project based on their tier.

Step 2': If the whole allocation has not been filled, the "left-overs" will be available on a first-come, first-served basis among whitelisted individuals.

Step 3: Users can claim their tokens.

Second rounds will be accessible to every whitelisted user.

MOONSTARTER Business Model

MOONSTARTER Business Model is based on a bottom remuneration from the fees held on the amounts raised by the project.

On top of this, optional services will be invoiced to the projects, including but not limited to:

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Community Growth

  • Operational Consulting

  • Technical Consulting

Token Metrics

Token Sale




Raised Amount ($)


31 250 000



Private A

35 000 000



Private B

33 333 333




5 000 000



Token distribution & vesting


% Supply





31 250 000

15% unlock at TGE then monthly unlock over 6 month, starting 1 month after TGE

Private A


35 000 000

20% unlock at TGE then monthly unlock over 5 month, starting 1 month after TGE

Private B


33 333 333

25% unlock at TGE then monthly unlock over 4 month, starting 1 month after TGE



5 000 000

No Vesting



24 000 000

6 month lock, then monthly unlock over 6 month



25 000 000

1 month lock, then monthly unlock over 6 month



8 200 000

1 month lock, then monthly unlock over 6 month



24 000 000

6 month lock, then monthly unlock over 6 month

Liquidity and MM


14 216 667




200 000 000

Based on above figures, initial circulating market capitalization of MOONSTARTER will be $ 350,292 with 25 020 833 circulating MNST Tokens.


PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER SECTION CAREFULLY. IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT AS TO THE ACTION YOU SHOULD TAKE, YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR LEGAL, FINANCIAL, TAX, OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR(S). The information set forth below may not be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. While we make every effort to ensure that any material in this white paper is accurate and up to date, such material in no way constitutes the provision of professional advice. MoonStarter Token does not guarantee, and accepts no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency, or completeness of any material contained in this white paper. Participants and potential MoonStarter token holders should seek appropriate independent professional advice prior to relying on, or entering into any commitment or transaction based on, material published in this white paper, which material is purely published for reference purposes alone. 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Accordingly, there are or will be important factors that could cause the group's actual results to differ materially from those indicated in these statements. these factors include but are not limited to those described in the part of the whitepaper entitled '' risk factors '', which should be read in conjunction with the other cautionary statements that are included in the whitepaper. any forward-looking statements in the whitepaper reflect the group's current views with respect to future events and are subject to these and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions relating to the group's operations, results of operations and growth strategy. these forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of the whitepaper. subject to industry acceptable disclosure and transparency rules and common practices, the company undertakes no obligation publicly to update or review any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise. all subsequent written and oral forwardlooking statements attributable to the Project MoonStarter or individuals acting on behalf of MoonStarter are expressly qualified in their entirety by this paragraph. 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